Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Rigor in the IMMS

This year, the IMMS set out to improve our already strong academic program. Our goal was to keep the rigor in the program while attempting to lessen the student work load. Some of our action steps were the use of differentiated instruction, the implementation of the Acuity test and the use of homework as a means of needed classroom enrichment. I would like some feedback from you, the parents, on our goals. If you have a personal concern, please contact me at the school as this venue is designed to be generalized. Your words of encouragement and constructive criticism is appreciated.

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Michelle said...

I must say that 5th grade was a big adjustment not only for my boys but for me and my husband. The boys have finally settled into a routine and are enjoying changing classes and having different teachers. We have also developed an organizational system for their book bags and have gotten use to the homework schedule. The only thing that has been extremely hard on them is the way all the unit test seem to pop up at the same time. A couple of weeks ago they had a unit science and a unit math test on Monday, a unit social studies test on Tuesday, and a unit language test on Thursday. This all on top of their regular weekly homework, spelling, vocabulary and Bible test. Thats three major unit test in a 24 hour period and we come to this week and we have two major unit test within a 24 hour period. This by far as been the hardest thing to adjust to. Other than this, everything in fifth grade is going well.