Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Chapel Small Groups

Today, was our first chapel in grades five through eight where we met in small groups following the message. The message topic was "The Fruit of the Spirit: Peace." The students met in groups of anywhere from eight to twelve students. Our small group leaders were comprised of teachers, office staff, church staff and parents. The leaders facilitated discussion on peace and challenged the students to think critically about peace and what the speaker said about it. They initiated questions that allowed students to see how they could apply the teaching of peace to their lives today, no matter what their age or grade. There has been overwhelming positive feedback already, from the leaders and the students, as this time allowed them to digest the information and get an understanding of what others believe. Students were transparent with their groups, sharing personal stories, positive experiences of peace as well as struggles they are facing that challenges the peace that they have. What a wonderful opportunity for our students and the leaders to build relationships, better understand what others believe, and heighten the personal and spiritual accountability of the students. This is but one of many ways ECS is reaching our mission to educate, equip and engage our students with excellence.

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