Wednesday, December 3, 2008

8th grade Holiday World changed to St. Louis City Museum

The 8th grade Holiday World trip on May 20 is being changed. The 8th graders will now be going to the St. Louis City Museum. It is not your conventional museum but an entire building filled with caves, secret passage ways, climbing, seven story slides and more! We will leave early in the morning and return late evening (8pm). The following day is their last day and graduation. The students will love the museum. It will be a blast! Check out their website at

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5girlsmom said...

I think the 8th grade field trip change is a wonderful idea. Most ECS students have been to Holiday World several times. I'm sure that there are some 8th grade students who have never even been to St. Louis. Another good museum is the Freedom Center in Cincinnati. It is devoted to the Underground Railroad. You should visit the website.