Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Parent Education - December 08

The following are disciplinary techniques to consider from the book Getting it Right with Children written by Madelyn Swift.

Disciplinary consequences
- Consequences should be fair, reasonable, direct and related to the behavior.
- Don't ask, "Do you understand?" Instead, have them repeat what you said.
- Use words to help you get a point across. For example, say, "you need to pick things up" not "I need you to pick things up."

Direct child to remedy or amends
- "The paint is spilled on the floor. The sponges are in the cabinet."

Problem? Think!
- Help guide your kids through alternatives and problem solving. Do not abandon children who have not developed problem solving skills.

Take action
- Be sure to follow through on what you say. Discipline doesn't have to be damaging, but it has to be definite.

Use Humor
-Humor: either you have it or you must develop it. Humor is situational.

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